Schist Mountain Villages

Discovering the Typical Mountain Villages

"Piodão" → Visit to the shale houses → "Chãs d'Égua" → Viewpoint → "Loriga" → Loriga River beach → visit to the water mill of Loriga → Bread and black cake tasting → "Torre"

Discover the Mountain Villages of Serra da Estrela

These villages are undoubtedly the stage for a privileged encounter with the natural wonders, and with the populations, who still maintain the ancient traditions. Characterized by its country aspect, the typical houses of shale and slate insist on staying hidden in the middle of the mountain for, at the first glimpse, we can marvel with its beauty and architecture.

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Visit to "Piodão"
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Visit to "Chãs d'Égua"
Visit to "Loriga"
Visit to Loriga River Beach
Bread and Black Cake Tasting
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